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E-mail and newsgroups software for all of your messaging needs with clean and easy to use interface, secure message
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21 February 2012

Editor's review

This is a mail and usenet news reading client.

This is an email and newsgroups reader software for all of your messaging needs. This is a complete replacement for Outlook Express and its successors like Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. As far as compatibility is concerned, it works recent email/ newsgroup standards and with a variety of servers as well as all the versions of Windows such as XP, Vista and Windows 7. The tool presents a simple interface that is designed on the lines of the Outlook Express interface. The controls are intuitive and users on MS mail systems other than with ribbon based menus should be able to migrate without a problem to this mail client. Even if you are a first time user, you should be able to figure out the system fairly quickly. Messages are easy to move. Mail listing, the preview pane, folder structure, etc. are similar to the Outlook Express interface. They use an open storage format; the mails do not get locked up in any particular database. Message can be downloaded safely. Even if power fails in the middle of a message download, it can be recovered.

Most features work like the Microsoft tools. Some differences are worth noting. First off, it sticks to the simple interface of the Outlook Express, no messy ribbon style. There are no folder limits. Automatic back up is another distinguishing functionality. This is a very good product and is a good option when you have a need for a tool like this. Go ahead and try it out in your exact work settings.

Publisher's description

E-mail and newsgroups software for all of your messaging needs designed as complete replacement and improvement for every user of Outlook Express and its successors like Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. Clean and easy to use interface. Supports all the latest email/newsgroup standards and works with variety of servers. Works on every modern Windows including XP, Vista and Windows 7. Messages are easy to move from computer to computer and use open storage format - your emails are never locked in a proprietary database. Secure saving of downloaded messages (including crash-proof saving even if crash occurs in the middle of message save) so message integrity is always preserved. Passionate development, quick and dedicated user-support.
OE Classic
OE Classic
Version 1.21
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User comments

Mark Fisher
I was intrigued by all that I`d read about this program, but had to stop using it after a couple of days, as more and more problems appeared.

The import process was incredibly slow and created a great many duplicate folders (which were empty). They don`t seem to have implemented an export function yet.

I found when composing emails that a) they only allow HTML and b) it inserted line-breaks in seemingly random places. This is positively amatuerish.

All other email programs I`ve used allow messages to be dragged to the desktop (where they can be edited in a text editor) - not this one.

I miss the demise of Outlook Express but no way is this a usable substitute. I`ve now switched to Thunderbird.

Pity, I had high hopes for this one.
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